by Cailean "Klone" Wilson

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released September 9, 2016

Written by Cailean "Klone" Wilson
Lyrics by Cailean "Klone" Wilson and Scott Hamill
Artwork by Dominic "Xantouke" Dustin (Standard Version)

Klone uses Cassidy Guitars



all rights reserved


Klone Edinburgh, UK

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Track Name: Where
Here we are, another day in another goddamn year
Have you changed at all from spring to fall at winter, or does it not really matter?
Your leaves bloom vibrantly and every year more strong
But all the same the leaves will fall once nights start to get long

It's just another day, another year, and more
The months and years don't feel so different anymore

Where do the years go? The seasons change to fast for me these days
But they're something to live for

It all decays too soon much like the autumn flowers
It's just another hundred sixty eight more hours
Just let me hibernate until the sun comes back
Cos I don't know how this year managed to get so off track

Just be proud that I am here today
Cos god, it easily could have gone another way
Track Name: Why
Faces passing by
A world of words while I had sighs
I learned to leave behind your signs
And just work on me and mine
A feeling that I never knew
But I wanted to see it through
What you would call a desperate time’s
A pleasant name for a better view

There’s a road behind me
But just accept that I moved on
I gave up looking back in anger
So please, I’m begging you, don’t make me have to

Ask you why,
You’re desperate for this song’s attention
After ages I still can’t accept
Your lack of understanding, so

Ask me why
I’ll never write a song about you
Considering our past it’s true to say
You never really cared about me

Looking out from behind your eyes
I saw a me that I’d despise
But if I only cared for what you’d see
There’d soon be nothing left of me

Mistakes don’t always need correction
It’s not as if you’re keeping score
You treated me as an affliction
Why should I return affection?

Getting older, getting better
But at least I’ll know I tried
Took me years to realise that I didn’t need to hide
Those broken tales I cast asunder
I’m not exactly getting younger
But there’ll never be a day when I don’t fucking care at all
Track Name: Who
I don't know who I am.
Don't ask me who I am.
Don't tell me who I am, cos I don't want to know.

Something beginning, is it really me? Am I me without my memories?
A sea of questions desperate to be sought.
Are these really answers that I want?

Glass reflecting things that I don’t know - eyes keep showing me a stranger’s soul.
But it’s a blessing in disguise, these inconsequential eyes, because hurts are so much easier to soothe if I don’t know the truth.

An unlocked chain which has no key, just make sure to stay away from me.
It’s out of touch it’s insecure.
There’s danger in chasing this unknown lure.

No fleet, no deep and pulling tryst, I’m begging; enter at your own risk because this mineshaft is about to blow. (whoa)
You cannot see what’s underneath, ‘cause I keep emotion buried deep.
These insufferable lies are so much better than what they hide.

It’s really unimportant, that identifying sordid character of who I used to be.
No it really doesn't matter anyway.
A mind fragmented over time will heal, chameleonic tails we feel.
But we’re stronger for it all, but growth necessitates this fall.
Track Name: What
Drag me down again, I dare you
You've done it more than once before
The floor is yours to have another go
Carrying the weight of the world
On your swaggering shoulders
Full of pride and sanctified by everyone you know

My god just stop
You're the centre of the world
But you give no credence to the ones that got you there
Esoteric, patriotic to a fault
With a personality so strong that no one can bear you

You can write your songs but whats the point in a love song if its not for everyone?
Its just disingenuous to think that you speak for us all
But what about the rest of us?

I want to show you
But what good will that do?
Track Name: When
I'm staring at the fall below into a sea that's churning
This mast my pride about to break held on by fingers burning

Tumultuous waves are nothing I can't handle
Having seen this metaphor before I know I'll swim through this once more

Was that verse oblique enough for you
To understand what i am going through
Or do you need this written out in plain text to understand that I'm depressed

Well fine, we're all running out of time
So let me ditch this rhyming scheme
There's inadequate context to define this fatigue

You can ask me why I'm tired all the time
But I can't guarantee an answer

give me the chance to sleep
let me find the answers that i need

I'm sick of being angry half the time
like my whole generation
we know we're fucked by years of
systematic segregation
I'm hopeful that this shit will pass
but until then we're struggling to start
we aren't meant to be
the heirs of broken hearts

This shout into the void is nothing short of painful
to have to repeat over and over and over and over and over and

I'm not okay I know I'm not okay
I'm not okay and I know thats okay
I'm not okay but one day I'll be fine
Right now I'm really just tired of waiting

Help me, save me
I'm slipping again

This ship is sinking
I'm going down again
Grasping for life i thought I'd make it through
But this kraken knows me far too well
But it all comes back again
Track Name: Question
How many times have I tried to sit and write?
Every lyric, every chord just out of sight.
Cigarette stained fingers try to find the way
But caffeine burns and nicotine won’t help the creativity stay
Well I might as well just ask the same things
Everyone has tried while I smash my way through these guitar strings

Who are you? What did you do to me?
Those questions we all answer; who, what, when, where, why.
Where did you go? When are you coming back?
Why do I always have to say goodbye?
Though it feels this wall is built to stay, remember that it’s only temporary

Give me a reason to keep going with this premise
A swirling mix of riddles, floating listless
This verse is an ouroboros, I’m eating my own tail
But while it seems pretentious that’s not quite what this entails
At least I’ll keep singing with trepidation
In the hope that someday soon I’ll finally find my inspiration

At least I can say that I tried
To put all my feelings from the inside
Into these words for you to hear so clear
I’m not exactly after glory, I just want to tell a story
Even if nobody wants to hear
The same old questions